Centers Of Excellence

Companies, small or big, are looking to explore new technologies every day. They are in constant need of service partners with Centers of Excellence (CoE) that are established through ongoing research, development, and evaluation of new technologies, trends and breakthroughs.

ProKarma Expertise

We develop and demonstrate customized solutions and prototypes in a cost-effective and low-risk environment to help bring new solutions and address our customer’s unique business challenges. Our CoEs are fully integrated collaboration comprised of frameworks, solutions, assets and people.  Fostering ongoing innovation helps us stay abreast of new technology trends and developments to drive strategy and direction, which our customers count us on.

ProKarma CoEs showcase a wide range of emerging technologies in promising areas. We create new service offerings based on market demand, and the tools we build improve productivity and delivery for ProKarma and our clients. The CoE of ProKarma focus on extending technology competence in the areas of:


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