Expedia teamed with ProKarma to launch a new system for providing search results and bookings for cruise vacations.

Expedia, one of the world’s leading online travel companies, was preparing to switch from its in-house code base to an external partner’s system to provide cruise search results and bookings and wanted to ensure that its customers would have a positive experience. With no performance testing lab of its own that could take builds from an external system at that time, Expedia turned to ProKarma for help with software development and testing.

Throughout the engagement, a ProKarma team worked onsite at the Expedia partner’s location to instrument their proposed production environment and measure the code’s performance, from client-side response times to the server hardware performance under load.  Using data from Google Analytics and user behavior tracking information, ProKarma created a model of expected customer behavior through the new site, complete with expected abandonment rates and peak-usage spikes.  Through several iterations, ProKarma was able to help Expedia’s partner prepare the solution for the expected traffic and have a successful launch.

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