Harvard University

Harvard University partnered with ProKarma to create a new software platform that will meet their long-term needs for years to come.

Harvard University turned to ProKarma for help with software development and testing and project management. While the challenge of identifying business requirements is fairly well defined, finding software to support clinical research is not. ProKarma has extensive experience in combining these two disciplines to help universities and research facilities, like those at Harvard, achieve significant improvement in efficiency while meeting their technology needs.

ProKarma kicked off the project by working with Harvard’s research and IT teams to understand the existing software systems and identify the university’s technical and business requirements. The ProKarma team analyzed not only how Harvard’s existing software systems were designed but also how they were being used by research and IT teams in the field.

By leveraging learnings from partnerships with a number of large research institutions, ProKarma has been able to create a robust solution that can address varying needs while still being supported as a single product.  For Harvard, the end result was a new software platform that can be tailored to the unique needs of its research teams, even as those needs change and evolve over the years. The platform also allows Harvard’s research teams to create and access a robust set of reports, from consistency reports and clinical analytics to billing solutions, with no IT support required.

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