University of Washington

The University of Washington turned to ProKarma for software development and a reporting universe that would let its research teams create ad-hoc reports without IT support.

Faced with the challenge of finding software to support its clinical research functions, the University of Washington partnered with ProKarma for a wide range of projects ranging from business intelligence to analytics and cloud-enabled services. ProKarma drew on its experience working with universities and research facilities to help the University of Washington improve efficiency while meeting its technology needs.

ProKarma helped reverse-engineer legacy systems by working with IT and research staff to understand both technical and business aspects of the current software systems. A key component of the success of this project was ProKarma’s research to understand not only what the software was designed to do, but also how it was actually being used in the field. This knowledge allowed ProKarma to create a software platform that will meet the University of Washington’s needs for years to come.

By partnering with several research facilities, ProKarma also was able to create a software solution that allows enough configuration to be tailored for the specific needs of each facility, but can still be supported as a single product. In addition to software development, ProKarma’s business intelligence team created a reporting universe that provides consistency reports, clinical analytics and billing solutions for the research teams. The universe has empowered the research teams by enabling them to create ad-hoc reports without the need for IT support.

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