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Public Sector

Government organizations are making every effort to innovate in extremely competitive conditions. There is a pressing need to be more citizen-friendly, address regulatory challenges and manage resources more effectively.

ProKarma Expertise

ProKarma provides operative and accessible services to address the increasing needs of citizens and other stakeholders. We help Government organizations to significantly reduce IT costs and complexities while improving workload optimization and service delivery. Our solutions are spread across government bodies including federal government, state and regional government, regulatory and administrative bodies and international agencies. The key areas of expertise include tax, public security, healthcare and education.

Industry Trends

Aging populations and immigration inflows pose new spending challenges

Age-related public spending for developed economies (including health care, pensions, long-term care and unemployment) is expected to rise from 17% of GDP in 2010 to 27% in 2050.

ProKarma's proven Agile methodology and robust IT frameworks and delivery models enable government agencies to streamline processes within the budget constraints. With government and public sector bodies looking at consolidation and cost-effective solutions, our services cater to these needs while delivering enhanced operational efficiencies and customer centric results.

With companies all over the world focusing on environment friendly solutions, ProKarma offers  IT services in core infrastructure areas for public sector bodies closely aligned to their business strategies and budgets.

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