ProKarma Embraces Collaboration and Evolutionary Development

Agile Methodology

Restrictions in project management and customary software implementation have many organizations turning to Agile Methodology to add value to every phase of a project. But the switch to Agile in the enterprise requires specific changes to the processes that require a proven right-sourcing approach.


ProKarma Expertise

ProKarma's proficiency in project management and implementation helps capitalize on your investment and deliver enriched business value. Using a proven right-sourcing approach and our unique technology and methodology, we enhance your agility and the overall objectives of your business. ProKarma ensures that the value proposition of an Agile Methodology is that of providing continuous business value faster and guaranteeing that the value persists over time.


From bringing in a certified Scrum Master for team leadership, to providing a full software factory onsite, onshore, or offshore, agile development from ProKarma enables quality custom software delivery.


Distributed Agile

ProKarma delivers distributed development solutions to successfully enable cooperation between several teams located at different sites. ProKarma has the process, training, execution, infrastructure, and monitoring that ensures recurrent success of clients. Our ProAgile Methodology has supported hundreds of clients with distributed agile projects.


Benefits for You

  • Faster time-to-results
  • Cost-effective use of offshore resources
  • Deliver projects much more cost-effectively
  • Easily identify industry best practices


Agile Adoption

  • Strategies for introducing agile into Business and IT organizations
  • Agile practices outside of software development
  • Executive-level education and introduction to agile concepts


Agile Training

  • Free lunch and learn at your location
  • Introduction to agile terms and concepts
  • Product owner training
  • Scrum master training
  • Organizational transformation for executives
  • Development team best practices


Methodology Development

  • Agile methods customized for individual client environments
  • Governance and best practices for agile based projects
  • Leveraging our ProAgile methodology to deliver highest possible value


Team Performance Improvement

  • Customized team performance models
  • Team best practices for development, testing and support
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