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The only constant is innovation. As a technology company responsible for delivering and executing high-impact initiatives, we not only focus on the here and now but how we can help our customers innovate and embrace the evolving technology landscape.


At ProKarma Innovation Labs, we fixate, tinker, test, and prototype new ideas, solutions, platforms and frameworks. We look at how we can do more with less, and how we can solve new challenges faster and easier. We draw on our global talents and collaborate extensively to continue pushing the boundaries while driving new levels of value, growth and impact. 


We're exploring a range of emerging technologies to determine how businesses can embrace and benefit from them. We are constantly innovating across a realm of technologies and platforms including: 


  • Gesture-based Computing – Programing, interaction, control – all with the blink of an eye.
  • IoT Security – Safeguarding 6.4 billion active wireless connections. And growing. 
  • Artificial Intelligence – Harnessing machine learning and deep learning to make artificial intelligence real.
  • Ambient Architecture – Connecting digital experiences across the consumer journey.
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