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In order to remain competitive and profitable, it is necessary to ask questions of your business with the goal of driving outcomes and reducing costs. Companies that are thriving and dominating the competition are mastering the ability to ask the right questions of their data and take action on the answers. To become a data-driven organization means the implementation of world-class analytical capabilities.


Analytics allows your organization to harness the power of your data and convert it into information that lets you:


  • measure company performance and identify the factors that influence that performance
  • understand business challenges and prevent critical problems from occurring
  • strategically transform your business by highlighting inefficiencies and identifying opportunities with actionable insight


As organizations modernize their analytics capabilities, often from traditional business intelligence practices, the success of these endeavors hinges on the organization’s ability to access and make use of appropriate data that is clean and complete. It requires the ability to accommodate a data repository that is secure, governed and available for all types of consumers in a self-service model. This repository should also accommodate vendor-agnostic analytics tools as well as traditional, agile and adaptive IT practices.


Is it time to modernize your organization's analytics capabilities? Take your planning and analytics initiatives to the next level with the industry's first Anaplan Connector by ProKarma.


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ProKarma Expertise

ProKarma offers a full spectrum of traditional and advanced analytics and data-centric solutions and services to help our clients take advantage of the latest technologies to empower their businesses through knowledge discovery and insights.

ProKarma Analytics Services

There is no business intelligence tool in the world that will answer your questions if the data is wrong or architected poorly. ProKarma's breadth of services include:


  • translating your specific business needs into a custom capabilities roadmap
  • designing an architecture that is both modular and efficient while being extensible for the future
  • instantiating and coordinate the necessary infrastructure
  • implementing the analytics solutions that enable you to ask the right questions, understand the answers and determine which insights are actionable
  • developing the data systems and applications to put your analytical insights into action


On-premise, in the cloud or hybrid, our solutions help you understand what has happened in your business, what is happening now and what will happen in the future.

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