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Any effective business intelligence (BI) initiative begins with data. It requires an understanding of the questions the business wants to ask and the ability to ensure that the right data is available at the right time. It affords today’s enterprise the ability to see and understand that data, enabling you to gain clearer insight into past organizational and/or business performance and project future results.


At ProKarma, our approach focuses on establishing a trusted data platform as the core of any BI solution. Timely and trusted data, combined with intuitive data consumption, will ensure that your employees have the knowledge required to make the correct decisions to move your organization forward operationally and strategically.


Our teams have extensive experience with the BI lifecycle including:


  • data strategy
  • requirements definition
  • data modeling and architecture
  • enterprise data warehouse (EDW) and data mart design
  • data extraction-transform-load (ETL)
  • semantic layer design and data visualization.


We can instantiate a holistic “self-service” BI environment that improves the user experience and reduces IT costs. With so many new technologies emerging, clients need a trusted advisor to guide them through the process of understanding the incredible variety of tools and architectures, to understand the value that quality BI can bring to their organization.


We can design your data model to maximize your ROI while adopting emerging technologies. This includes in-memory computing and storage and massively parallel processing (MPP) platforms as well as integration of your data consumption layers with both big data and traditional platforms. In addition, we have significant experience with a variety of front-end tool stacks, ensuring you can easily consume and act upon your data using reports, dashboards and mobile devices. With expertise across a breadth of industries and technology stacks, we can help you drive better decision-making with BI.

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