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Administrators, sponsors and coaches need to ensure that athletes uphold their organization’s standards and adhere to their code of conduct when using social media.

Pulse Athletics monitors, measures, and visualizes social media to reduce the risk of regulatory and organizational compliance issues with athletes.


Monitor and listen to multiple channels: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more.
Profile social behavior, influencers and patterns: Understand who and what topics influence the athlete, see social patterns and behavior.
Build recruiting profiles: Know your recruits, understand their influences and determine their “fit” in your program.
Automated alerts: Receive proactive alerts regarding specific language and behavior. Be aware of inappropriate activity when it happens.




Social Media Monitoring Features Include:

  • Supports wide range of sources include: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and more
  • Deep and rich semantic analysis of language
  • Competitive and industry comparison
  • Maintain privacy and security guidelines, no need to provide passwords
  • Automated reports delivered to coaches, administrators and management
  • Mobile device support provides easy access on smart phones and tablets
  • Location based service – mapping athlete location
  • Drill down to verbatim content to see what was said
  • Track marketing & popularity metrics for institution



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