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As the mission-critical heartbeat supporting continuous innovation and delivery, DevOps takes a holistic approach to software releases by promoting collaboration between all stakeholders. At ProKarma, we draw on extensive expertise in DevOps strategy and broad experience across industries to help organizations get new features, products and services into the hands of customers at the speed of business.

We’re here to help you make sense of DevOps in your enterprise, and we don’t believe in reinventing the wheel. We help effect the cultural transformation required to integrate all of your DevOps components into a single, seamless service. We begin by leveraging what has worked in the past for your organization and partner with you to drive success in the future – a future in which your teams have the skills and know-how to support and maintain your DevOps approach.  


Our proprietary, technology-agnostic Enterprise Delivery Engine (EDE) provides a single pane view of your enterprise, with metrics that truly reflect success or failure for your business. With standards and controls to ensure quality, traceability and compliance, we integrate processes across project planning, building, testing, deployment and monitoring. The result is an automated system with frequent deployments that allow you to measure and learn about your users and business based on real-time feedback. Click here to view ProKarma's latest video about our DevOps Enterprise Delivery Engine.



ProKarma’s DevOps practice can help you:


  • Eliminate silos, embrace culture: Improve communication and collaboration across teams
  • Reduce time to market: Enable multiple releases per day
  • Increase productivity: Run multiple projects in parallel
  • Remove the middle man: Minimize human error
  • Deliver both quality and quantity: Detect and resolve errors quickly and early on, avoiding last-minute surprises


                              View ProKarma's video: DevOps Enterprise Delivery Engine


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