Transform Your Service Delivery with DevOps


ProKarma helps implement and integrate development and test automation processes to continuously achieve consistency, stability and velocity.


Continuous Integration and Deployment

  • Locked deployment and test for fast and reliable feedback
  • Continuous feedback to product groups and business owners through auto notifications
  • Automated scripting to ensure uniformity in software release and hardware provisioning


Build/Test Automation

  • Automated test and data to ensure full coverage on change and dependent systems
  • Regression and performance test suites
  • Testing throughout the entire SDLC
  • Server verification both internal and external systems before software is deployed



  • Experience in internal and external systems, virtual, cloud, and hybrid
  • Full automation of cut over and A/B solutions
  • PaaS specialties including Cloud Foundry and BlueMix
  • Puppet, Chef, Docker full stack integration and development
  • Zero records database

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