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IoT Services

The IoT solutions space is changing rapidly, with new acquisitions, technology and standards announced on a daily basis. ProKarma has vast expertise across this evolving landscape, ensuring that the IoT solutions you implement are not only market-leading but also sustainable and fitted to your organization’s needs.

Landscape assessment & health check

ProKarma’s integrative approach evaluates legacy architectures while keeping an eye out for security vulnerabilities and unrealized edge-to-cloud efficiencies. Standards for informed transformation increase capacity and allow the organization to phase platforms in or out without stalling productivity.


Strategy and Road-mapping

ProKarma brings real-world experience and intellectual property to help organizations achieve immediate value while positioning themselves for the future of the IoT.  From assessment and transformation to data pipelines, advanced analytics and architecture requirements, ProKarma helps organizations develop a strategic roadmap to achieve success with their IoT initiatives.



We bring years of experience in IoT development and evaluation to every POC we conduct. Our systematic testing protocols result in quantifiable findings that can be easily addressed, allowing for the tracing and re-testing of errors, malfunctions and capabilities. Ultimately these findings set the stage for the design, assembly and development of every successful new IoT project.


IoT Platforms

With an ever-increasing number of available platforms from which to choose, ProKarma can help identify the best solution for your organization’s unique needs.  Our teams bring a wealth of experience in a range of IoT platforms, including IBM Bluemix, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Intel Trusted Analytics Platform (TAP). With experience across verticals, from the automotive and HVAC to healthcare, public utilities and semiconductor industries, ProKarma knows how to select and deploy the best platform for your IoT solutions.


Technologies & Standards

Our expertise in IoT technologies, standards and protocols includes the following:

  • Public and private cloud
  • Edge devices, gateways and device controllers
  • Low-level device connectivity protocols
  • Connectivity standards such as OIC, 6LowPan, ZigBee, Thread, NFC and Bluetooth
  • Advanced analytics techniques, such as machine learning and deep learning
  • Available vendor platforms such as IBM Bluemix and Intel Trusted Analytics Platform (TAP)


Global Delivery

ProKarma employs engineering best practices, delivery methodologies, tools, standards, processes and artifacts to drive a platform for successful collaboration between multiple geographic delivery centers. In doing so, we help our clients realize competitive advantages in an increasingly connected world.

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