Deliver Unparalleled User Experiences with Enterprise Mobility Solutions


ProKarma delivers unparalleled user experiences with a broad range of enterprise mobility solutions. We enable companies to mobilize new and current business applications across various platforms rapidly and efficiently. By harnessing our extensive industry experience and the power of mobile technology, we revolutionize how users interact with your business.

ProKarma Approach


Our trusted processes are built on collaboration and client interaction. Through continued partnerships, we ensure that business requirements, objectives and the user experience are optimal. Our team works closely with each client and engages in every step of the project to ensure the highest quality.


ProKarma Mobility Services


ProKarma optimizes business performance by helping you overcome cost, security, device fragmentation and other perceived complexities.

Our mobile services focus on four primary service offerings:

  • Strategy and Architecture: We help our customers define sustainable solutions while ensuring their mobile spend is aligned with their value-based business objectives. 
  • Mobile UI/UX: A great product stands out and is memorable. Our teams understand all the steps in a good user experience and how to make your product a success.  Our experts in mobile experience and design create engaging and inspiring apps, incorporating usability assessments and research. User experience is intuitive, and e-client and graphic design is innovative. 
  • Multi-Platform Development: ProKarma’s skilled application developers are governed by industry standards and best practices and specialize in multi-platform native, mobile web and hybrid technologies.
  • Mobile Testing: We offer a comprehensive test strategy, testing beyond the functional.  Our expertise includes exhaustive device inventory, functional and non-functional testing, manual and mobile automation frameworks, and performance and security testing.


ProKarma Advantage


We know how to work with requirements, the importance of business goals and just what developers need from us to build a solid product. Our deep knowledge of software, methodology and project engineering processes allow us to work with industry leaders to design, develop and test mobile applications and user experiences that are both innovative and dependable.

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