Ensure Rapid Delivery with Agile Mobile Application Development


Building the perfect app requires a lot more than writing code. To deliver a secure, high performance app that improves employee productivity and creates a great user experience, you need to start with the right architecture, code base and platform and end with a clean, thoroughly tested and proven application.


Guided by industry standards and proven methodologies, ProKarma’s team of skilled application developers will establish your enterprise mobility strategy, roadmap and architecture while keeping your business goals in mind. We'll help you develop, test, deploy and manage mobile apps across your enterprise and end-user platforms. We are experts in native app development (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile), mobile web apps (HTML5/CSS/JavaScript) and hybrid app development (PhoneGap, Appcelerator). We keep each application secure from various attack vectors like data sniffing, unauthorized access of private data, reverse engineering attacks and vulnerabilities to jailbreaking/rooting.

At ProKarma, our approach centers on letting requirements drive the architecture. We choose the right architecture, the right technology stack and the right design and tailor them to the client's requirements. Our solutions are enterprise-friendly, with MDM integration, mobile business intelligence and mobile gateway capabilities. We know how to work with requirements, the importance of business goals and how to build a solid product.

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