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Upkeep on three native apps is a lot of work to maintain. This client was now looking for a way to maintain their app across multiple platforms without all the rework for separate native apps.

They also wanted to add the tablet. A PhoneGap hybrid approach was the solution. A strong push on marketing and integrating their new branding across the board were some of the main initiatives.

Mobile Web: Responsive Design

The site allows consumers to manage their account using mobile devices. The users of the site can pay bills, view current usage, update profile, change plans and locate stores.

ProKarma helped extend the mobile site which was initially optimized for Smart Phones only to be optimized for tablets as well.


This app focused on capturing videos and photos and allowing this content to be shared through social media. Content storage of photos, videos and posts were also a requirement. The user needed to quickly access to these features and this app demanded high performance with slick graphics.

A native solution for both iOS and Android was the answer.




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