Deliver Integrated, Accurate and Timely Data with SAP Enterprise Information Management


To make better decisions, you need to be able to trust in the quality of your information. With an increasing need to enable real-time insight from greater amounts and different types of data, whether mobile, big data, social or the cloud, data management is a key priority for many organizations. Accelerating access to business information can provide a boost to performance and improve operational efficiency.


SAP Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions help you deliver integrated, accurate, and timely data across your organization. With EIM, you can ensure that you have access to complete, accurate data to optimize performance and decision-making, enhance governance and minimize risk. With continuous insight into data quality, EIM solutions help you turn your information into a business asset.


ProKarma empowers organizations to increase productivity and streamline business processes with confident and trusted information. Our breadth of robust implementation and management service offerings around data integration, data quality and governance and master data management combined with deep experience with SAP’s EIM solutions like Data Services, Information Steward and Business Warehouse, help simplify your IT infrastructure and drive high-value innovation by exploiting structured and unstructured data sources. Together, we create value across your entire business to translate goals into results.

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