Facilitate Accelerated Analysis and Identify Trends and Opportunities with SAP HANA®


Organizations frequently turn to SAP HANA to unlock information across all existing solutions, whether on-site or in the cloud. With its revolutionary in-memory computing, SAP HANA drives value by allowing decision-makers to answer any business question at any time.


By converging database and application platform capabilities in-memory to transform analytics, text analysis, predictive and spatial processing, SAP HANA allows organizations to transform long-running business transactions into real-time processes.


With SAP HANA, operational reports, dashboards and analytics provide timely, in-depth information and allow you to perform advanced analytics and deliver new applications to drive innovation. SAP HANA gives your business users access to information that facilitates accelerated analyses and helps identify trends and opportunities so that you can turn insight into action.


Our service offering includes HANA Live for real-time operational reporting; SAP Business Warehouse on HANA for extracting, modeling and aligning data sets;  SAP Business Suite on HANA for real-time business processes; and SAP Business Suite 4 SAP HANA (SAP S/4HANA) for enterprise resource planning.


Learn how ProKarma helped a leading tire manufacturer implement online reports with SAP ECC, gaining instant insights for their sales and maintenance activities.


ProKarma partners with customers to identify, implement and support SAP solutions that allow them to benefit from continuous enhancements and innovations, all delivered without disrupting the business. ProKarma is a certified SAP Support Center and has been a certified SAP Service Partner since 2005 and a certified Argentina Channel Partner since 2008. 

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