Streamline your SAP support with ProKarma SAP Enterprise and Nearshore Managed Services

SAP Managed Services

In today’s business climate, organizations are more diverse and global than ever before. The ever-growing need for shorter communication cycles and improved team integration is expanding. Take advantage of ProKarma’s SAP Enterprise Support and Managed Services to help improve your team collaboration and project turnaround times while reducing operational costs and response times.


ProKarma SAP Enterprise Support, Managed Services and Hosting solutions offer the most comprehensive support to help your organization run at optimal performance. With our Nearshore solutions, organizations are reducing operational costs and response times daily, all while improving communication and user experience.


SAP Managed Services


Hosting & Solution Manager

  • Reduce TCO
  • Decrease Infrastructure Support
  • Reduce Supporting Projects
  • Combine with Managed Services

Nearshore Benefits

  • Clients and Prospects
  • Lower cost to other nearshore countries
  • One supplier for all SAP applications
  • Improves satisfaction and user experience
  • Timezone provides better collaboration and team inclusion
  • Decreased response time and operations costs
  • Shorter communication cycles
  • Enhanced team integration
  • Nearshore PCoE Managed

SAP Enterprise Support Benefits

  • Clients and Prospects
  • One supplier for all SAP applications
  • Integrated Support Platform
  • Nearshore and U.S. PCoE Certified
  • Tribal knowledge about client landscapes and systems
  • SAP solutions manager as a tool
  • Timely response to any "bug" related SAP incidents

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