Integrate Modern Design Principles for a Personalized, Consistent and Simple User Experience with SAP Fiori®


The user interface is the avenue through which the customer experiences your website, application or system. In today’s user-facing computing environment, it is not enough for a system to be functional; the user experience is an integral component. 

The intuitive usability of the system’s interfaces and interactions across a variety of computing environments is paramount, resulting in increased ROI and productivity by reducing training and support costs, client satisfaction and loyalty.

SAP offers a set of user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) tools and technologies that allow you to provide the optimal experience for users of your business applications, services and content. To help you maximize the value of SAP, ProKarma’s team of award-winning designers work closely with our UX team of experts to analyze existing systems’ user interfaces and interactions, product conceptualization and user experience wireframes and prototyping.

By focusing on usability assessment and improvements, we can ensure that each mobile application integrates seamlessly and efficiently through careful evaluation, research and testing for best practice user experience. We help you leverage the power of SAP Fiori, which integrates modern design principles and provides a personalized, consistent and simple user experience across all areas of business regardless of device type.

At ProKarma, collaboration between our team and our customers is an integral part of our process from conception to completion. By integrating our proven user experience techniques and demonstrated design innovation, we can create engaging UX/UI systems.           

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