Align IT Outcomes to Business Goals

IT Business Management


Align IT and business initiatives for maximum value. ProKarma’s ServiceNow offering gives you visibility into project and application portfolios and the cost of service delivery.  It offers a centralized system that enables you to better manage demand, resources and budgets so you can focus spending and resources where they will best support your organization’s goals.


Run IT like a business with ProKarma’s ServiceNow Business Management solution, which includes:

  • Project Portfolio Management: Gain visibility from idea to execution. Centralized demand planning, resource management, agile management and testing tools allow you to optimize resources and deliver higher-quality services more quickly.

  • Demand Management: Make investment decisions strategically with a centralized view into IT and business requests in addition to project health, cost and portfolio performance. ProKarma’s ServiceNow solutions enable you to assess, manage and forecast demand for products and services.

  • Resource Management: Track staffing allocations, availability and capacities and forecast more accurately. ProKarma’s ServiceNow solutions include reports and dashboards that help you track actual time worked on projects and optimize resources.

  • Agile Development: Manage Scrum or waterfall software development, testing and projects. ProKarma’s ServiceNow solutions provide a single system of record for software development lifecycle workflows.
  • Application Portfolio Management: Build a comprehensive inventory of the business applications in use, assess your portfolio, and develop and track a roadmap for rationalization.

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